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  • Address : 1740 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, KY 40503
  • Phone Number: +1 859-260-6100
  • Email:
  • Street Number: 1740
  • Route: Nicholasville Road
  • Postal Code: 40503
  • Locality: Lexington
  • State: Kentucky (KY)
  • Country: United States
  • Website
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: BHLexington
  • Instagram:
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  • 1 out of 5 Rating


    A certatin nurse at this hosiptal - likes to sleep with other womens men. That nurse would be.. Pamela Pettyjohn-Masengale. Watch out ladies.. yours may be next.

  • 1 out of 5 Rating


    My girlfriend has a cut artery and damaged tendon on 2 of her knuckles. We waited in the waiting room for 6 hours as she was bleeding on the floor in the ER. We asked for help, worried she could bleed out and die. The bloody towel she had her hand in was soaked. She did not eat for 12 hours and lost a lot of blood. She was passing out in the waiting room. It took that long just to be checked in with insurance. Everyone in the waiting room looked sorry and worried for her and notified the staff as well. When she asked for help, they were rude to her. Told her she had to wait and they had no time. I was going to go outside and call 911 so she could get in, but they said even the rescued must wait, even if someone is dying. I told the staff if she dies, they were liable, and they said "well I wouldn't be liable so I do not care". Is this really how you treat your patients? And all you do is look at her with pity saying "that sucks, don't get injured next time"? Accidents happen. If you have a serious injury, do not go to this ER. We left and went to St Joseph and they took her right in with kindness.

  • 1 out of 5 Rating


    I had my baby daughter in this hospital last summer. We had experienced 4 problems: 1.Before we registered with the hospital, we confirmed that it is in the network of our medical insurance plan. But later we found out the anesthesiologist was not in the network, we ended up paying her from our pocket. This anesthesiologist is the only one available in the hospital. 2. The anesthesiologist kept poking my backbones trying to find the right place to shot, and it HURTs. Six months after delivery, my lower backbone still hurts. I can feel it. I had delivered my son before, the anesthesiologist only took one clean shot and it's done. Obviously, this one is not trained well. 3. We had our baby in the nursery during the two nights. Two times, the nurses didn't clean her after she pooped, instead they just brought her into my room. They recorded that, which means they are aware of it in both cases. 4. On my daughter's birth certificate application, they put in my name incorrectly, I failed to realized it. The wrong name ends up showing on my daughter's birth certificate. When I called in requesting for correction, the lady said that you signed on the form, you should be responsible for the mistake. She is not going to send correcting letter. But ironically all the other medical bills they sent to my insurance and my home, the patient name was correct name, they just missed my daughter's birth certificate application! I hope that people read this review to learn the lesson. Don't have to go thru what I did. The hospital is trying to be the top hospital in the state, but their services need to be improved.

  • 4 out of 5 Rating


    No hospital is perfect, and I have complained in the past about long waits, or lack of information, but the care I and my family have received has been impeccible, and I have been grateful for many kindnesses by the staff. I can understand frustration with confusing elevators, poor signage and constant construction, but those are secondary to the very good medical care. My Mother is in the ER tonight, and I am comforted that I know she will be well looked-after. All the "little crap" just doesn't matter.

  • 5 out of 5 Rating


    A great hospital. They were so good to my Dad. And the family. I would recommend this hospital very highly to anyone who needs a hospital.