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  • Address : 3961 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75023
  • Phone Number: +1 210-821-5900
  • Email:
  • Street Number: 3961
  • Route: Legacy Drive
  • Postal Code: 75023
  • Locality: Plano
  • State: Texas (TX)
  • Country: United States
  • Website
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    Went to gas up this morning on my way to work, but as I left, I realized my tire was low. When I pulled in, I went straight to the air machine and asked Fatuma to flip the air on, as EVERY employee has done, as a courtesy to patrons, in the recent past. Her response was, "You can put in four quarters." I was stunned for a moment, "Wait, what? Every employee just flips it on as a courtesy.... how long has this been the policy?" She looks around stupidly.... "I don't know.... five months?" I was just there a couple weeks ago and times before that in the last few months WITHOUT A SINGLE PROBLEM. I asked for her manager's number, to which she gives me the store number. THERE IS NO WAY TO COMPLAIN! ARE YOU SERIOUS???? Now I have to track down the manager!!! Folks, get gas across the street. Don't waste your money here. It's $1 for air, COME ON. I will NEVER spend a dime here again. You just made your competitors across the street another customer who visits at least twice a week for gas and sundries over $1 worth of air. Chevron needs to fire this lady and recoup your patrons and her salary that you waste your money on.