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  • Address : 4412 South 42nd Street, Omaha, NE 68107
  • Phone Number: +1 402-590-2590
  • Street Number: 4412
  • Route: South 42nd Street
  • Postal Code: 68107
  • Locality: Omaha
  • State: Nebraska (NE)
  • Country: United States
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    When I bought my car, the owner was friendly as all car salesman are. I bought a 2004 Chevy Impala. Really liked the car. Unfortunately, a month later I was spending hundreds of dollars in mechanic bills. Also, when I bought the car, the owner installed a subwoofer in my trunk and said if I have any problems with the sub, bring it in ANYTIME and he would check it out. It broke frequently of course and by about the 3rd time I brought it in, the owner was very rude and explained to me that he was very busy (their wasn't a single person there) and couldn't help me anymore. I was very displeased with my buying experience and would never buy another car from this place.