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  • Address : 1031 16th Avenue, Monroe, WI 53566
  • Phone Number: +1 608-325-2663
  • Email: info@starnail.com
  • Street Number: 1031
  • Route: 16th Avenue
  • Postal Code: 53566
  • Locality: Monroe
  • State: Wisconsin (WI)
  • Country: United States
  • Website
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    I will never go back, and I do not recommend them to anyone. The $40 powder dip manicure that Paul said lasted his clients 4-6 weeks lasted me 8 days. The free redo lasted 4 days. (I must state that I have an office job, and I wear gloves to wash dishes. I try my best to protect my hands.) Upon my going in after the free redo chipped, Star Nails removed the underperforming product. Once it was off, I was informed that I would pay $15 for the removal. When I complained about this charge, Paul told me that I could have removed it myself. However, back when I had first talked with him about the powder dip manicure before getting it the first time, Paul had told me not to remove it myself because I would damage my nail beds. I told Paul this after being informed of the $15 removal fee; he accused me of lying. Finally, Star Nails promoted the powder dip manicure as better for my nail bed health then shellac polish, but in removing it, they filed my nail beds so deeply that I literally have ridges. I paid $55 total for 12 days of chip free nails. As a free bonus, I have deep damage that will take a couple of months to grow out. Thanks, Star Nails.